"Using marketing automation software is a well proven strategy with big brands. But the complexity and entry costs have kept it out of the reach of small and medium sized businesses.

That's changed. Our partner is a global leader in small business marketing automation. Our services deliver enterprise level marketing automation in a more usable and affordable package."

It's a game changer for SMEs who are looking for the 'missing ingredient' in growing their business.

Rick Wallace

How can I find more customers online?


"I'm not sure if our website is actually paying its way"
"We don't do much at all online other than having our website up"
"We don't get a lot of business from the Internet, more word of mouth really"
"It's too hard to measure to say if our online advertising is producing a positive return"
"We advertise on Google and Facebook because everyone says we need to, I'm not sure"

This is what we've been hearing lately

... and loving it

Fifteen years working with small and medium sized businesses

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Facebook Advertising





SMEs have more affordable firepower for finding new leads at their disposal today than ever before.

Running a business isn’t easy         … but you already knew that.

Remember spending all that money on print? What was it we needed back then? Yellow Pages, classifieds, flyers, brochures? And you couldn’t tell what was working and what wasn’t, other than word-of-mouth. Fortunately doing business got easier. The Internet got faster, we built websites, cancelled our Yellow Pages and print advertising. We ran Google ads. Customers beat a path to our door.  Ok, maybe not.

Why do some businesses get great results online and others don't?

There are specific reasons why some companies get great results with digital marketing and others don't. My position may be controversial and challenging to people within the industry but I’m happy to share with you for free, exactly how the professionals attract leads. These are the things that web companies and digital agencies aren't telling their clients.

Have you ever asked questions like;
Why do I need a Facebook page?, What’s wrong with just having a website?, Why doesn’t my website produce many leads? or Why is the ROI on my Google Adwords campaign so low?

To master digital marketing in your business you’ll need to ask questions. The key is knowing which questions to ask, who to ask, and why . The question above won’t unlock the secrets of business growth, but there are questions that will.

If you’d like me to send you a list of digital marketing power questions that you can ask your website provider to unlock more leads from your website, then click below. I’ll also share my (controversial) perspective on why most small and medium sized businesses are missing the low hanging fruit. I’ll also give you an effective digital strategy that will turn your web business around this year. No charge.

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who are we?

Marketing Automation Specialists

There are web applications that can do much of your digital marketing for you automatically. Big businesses use them all the time. They improve efficiency and sales results. Unfortunately Marketing Automation has been out of the reach of many SME’s due to the price tag – until now.

SME Advertising Consultants

Simply driving all the traffic you can to your website is not a good strategy. Attracting ‘ideal customers’ using advertising, which aligns with their position in your sales funnel, is far more effective. People buying as a result of quality advertising won’t be aware of having been influenced. No brute force needed.

Small Business Data Gurus

Analysing performance data is something that athletes and trainers do constantly. It’s how they find the small gains that add up to big wins. Businesses often miss potential gains concealed in their marketing data without even knowing it.  They can be hard to see unless you know what to look for. We have a knack for finding them.

Early Adoptors

Where businesses may delay engaging with new technology or digital solutions, or put off moving to the cloud, we jump straight in. It’s in our DNA, we love it. So utilising clever technologies to develop practical business solutions for our clients that are easier to adopt, is something we really enjoy.


No-one who becomes successful does it on their own. Success is a joint venture. We aren’t successful unless our clients succeed, and vice versa. We deliver services, train, coach, and guide our clients with the objective that they will become self-sufficient and need less from us, not more. That just seems more natural.


We relocated to Wairarapa in 2017 (loving it) and considered how we could add some value to our new community. Growth in digital capabilities in Wairarapa is a local business initiative that promises to provide community-wide benefits. We’re excited to support this regional objective alongside other local agencies.

Why Marketing Automation?

When we began working with small and medium sized businesses in 2003 they tended to rely a lot on ‘word-of-mouth’ to find customers.

These days more people are aware of digital marketing but find it difficult to achieve cost effective results online. As a result ‘word-of-mouth’ still plays an important role for many businesses.

Marketing automation automates ‘global best practise’ digital marketing activity in your business, working for you 24/7, and leveraging your time an investment.

"It's like word-of-mouth on steroids"

Some reasons why small and medium sized companies have started using marketing automation in their businesses

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    Filling the Pipeline

    They don’t have enough leads to fill their sales pipeline.

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    Qualifying Leads

    They don’t have an easy way to qualify the leads they get.

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    Nurturing Leads

    They’re not able to nurture their leads over time.

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    Follow Up

    There are big delays in following up their leads.

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    Retaining Leads

    They don’t know how many leads they’re losing, or why.

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    Optimising Tactics

    They can’t measure which tactics are the most effective.

What are the benefits of marketing automation for smaller businesses?


Optimise your spend on digital marketing. You can focus on what's working, and axe what's not.

Where a large businesses might allocate a reasonable budget to support their marketing efforts, a small or medium sized business may only have a modest, or sometimes non-existent sum available for digital marketing. Marketing automation gives you powerful insights so you make better decisions about where to invest your marketing dollar.

Gain more customers with the right message at the right time. Powerful, behavioral-based communication.

Marketing Automation allows you to customise the content and message that your prospect receives across the various marketing channels that you use. Deliver exactly the right message at exactly the right time, based on an individual’s interaction and behaviour with your business over time and see a dramatic increase in your rate of sales conversions.

Marketing Automation will improve the your online results. More people ready to engage with your business.

In simple terms digital marketing is about getting people to visit your website and to take action when they get there. Marketing automation allows you to put in place additional marketing activity that will work in the background to increase the number of people who visit your website, and more significantly, are ready to talk to you and buy your product or service.

What our clients say ...

Take a step toward using technology more effectively in your business
You know it, younger business people are making great gains by using digital technology in their businesses. You’ve got more experience in your industry but don’t have the reach. Digital marketing can multiply the advantage of your expertise, and help you reach a much bigger audience. Get in touch for a chat, you’ll be surprised how easy it is.
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